Mystikal is Back | 6 Years in Jail and Now with YMCMB

Mystikal YMCMB

All you have to know is that Mystikal is back and he is on YMCMB ( Lil Wayne’s record label). This dude was the craziest rapper around back in the days before he got locked up. He was so crazy, most people didn’t understand what he was saying. He went to jail for the last 6 years for a rape charge, and he ate the charge like a cop eating jelly donuts ( he didn’t give a fuck). He is now recording music but he is facing a time lapse problem. He isnt caught up with thetimesdue to being locked up. But no worries, he will get caught up and “rape” the tracks he is on with YMCMB. By the way, Bird man wanted him for years before YMCMB, so dont think this is a publicity stunt. Mystikal is Waka Flocka before Waka Flocka was famous. So look him up and learn more about him. He is about to hit the radio hard! If you need some crazy house parties and club specials, go to 

Listen to his latest feature. He is the crazy guy saying ” nana boo boo” on the track. He is CRAZY!!!

Here is his interview: