A New App Called Spring Can Give You the Thigh Gap You Always Dreamed Of!

Screw back to school dieting!!

So yeah, you bought that Groupon for boot camp classes and went to maybe one.  You looked good in early July but all those beers and burgers have taken their toll.  What are you going to do?  You need to post pics of all your back to campus looks on Insta!!  AHHHHH!!!

Have no fear, Spring app is here! The Spring app for iOS and Android, created by developer Kim Taewan in Japan lets you stretch out your body to thinness. You pick two spots on your body and it stretches whatever is in between. This is way easier than getting up at 5:30amto work out or foregoing carbs.  May all you #thinspo or #Fitspo dreams come true!

[via Daily Mail]