For more information on Shotgunnable beer cans follow @GDecelia on twitter. Click here to follow on Twitter. Now to the breaking story :The Coors Brewing Company announced recently that they will soonbegin offering Coors Light in a new “shotgunnable can” that will feature a second tab on its side to allow for easy shotgunning. Coors is aiming to rid binge

shotgun New shotgunnable cans by Coors Light | Breaking College Party Newsdrinkers of the tedious burden of searching for the air pocket in a can of beer before it’s punctured, as well as eliminate the possibility of a punctured beer spraying out all its beer before it can be shotgunned. “While our current wide-mouth vented can does allow the beer leave the can more quickly and create a smooth, refreshing pour, it doesn’t seem to satisfy the customer that prefers to have the beer shot down his throat.” said Coors Brewing Company CEO Peter Swinburn. When asked by a reporter if the canw



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