New Video from Swedish House Mafia Vets Drops

AXWELL Λ INGROSSO, formerly of Swedish house Mafia famed DJ super group, drop a video for their track “Something New.” Considering their appearances at varied festivals including New York’s own Gov. Ball and Miami EDM crazed Ultra, we could have guessed we would get a new track. Much like the track, the video has a classic EDM banger vibe. The vibe makes us acutely aware of the moment we are in while highlighting the sensation that the world is indeed connected and then, of course, a call to celebrate! As the motorcycles dodge in an out of traffic (not unlike the traffic created at a festival) the song is heard being sung from various different drivers and passengers. The affect in decent headphones results in various volumes and voices going in and out as the motorcycle drivers pass vehicles creating a feeling that the viewer is truly along for the ride. With this kind of YOLO Blissed out jam, I’m crossing my fingers that these dudes show up on the 2015 festival circuit.