New York City Bar Specials and Clubs | NYC Nightlife

New York City bar specials and clubs are great. New York City probably has the most bars out of any city in the United States. Maybe that is why NYC is called the city that never sleeps. NYC has someof theNew York Bar Specials most diverse bars in the world. The bars range from college party bars to hookah after hours bars and from hip hop dance bars to professional sports bars. Clubs are also big in ” da city “. Clubs like webster hall and the 40/40 club rock all night long until the early morning.Most of these clubs stop operating at 4:00am but many of them go on until 6:00am. Most bars in NYC stop serving alcohol at 4:00am which is more than enough time during the night to get your drunk on.One bar I really suggest going to is Wicked Willies. Wicked Willies is a college party bar that has all the drinking games and the college atmosphere needed for a great
night in NYC.
If you are really looking for something to do ( college parties, bar specials, concerts, house parties and raves) you should go to . is a website that list all the parties and events happening in realtime in your zipcode. So basically you go to the website, put in your zipcode and see all the events happening. You can also get invited to house parties, chat with people in your area looking for parties and also get club/bar specials. It is the new big thing all over college campuses, so you should check it out.

I hope you really have a great time in New York City. House parties, bars and clubs are so easy to find with the right tools ( Facebook & FiestaFrog). Don’t get caught out on the street with nothing to do. NYC is full of surprises and full of great opportunities to have fun!