New York House Parties

new york house partyTo Find New York House Parties, go to . shows you the house parties in your area. New York City has a very unique house party atmosphere. It is unlike most other places where house parties are thrown because in New York City there are not that many “houses”. New York City, true to its nature as an innovative city has managed to circumvent this issue by creating the tradition of having rooftop parties. These types of house parties are extremely enjoyable due to the ability of the host(s) to take advantage to New York City’s skyline to throwa house party. At these events the festivities can happen singularly on the rooftop, or can be part of a house party in someone’s apartment. The rooftop access being the proverbial “icing on the cake”.

A good New York house party is usually less of a dance party, but often considered to be more of a “pre-game”. In this type of setting people come together to have a few drinks before they head out for a night on the town. Often this can be done in the reverse order, a few people meet up at a bar and then relocate to someone’s home or rooftop.

The main difference between house parties in New York City versus other places is the level of noise. With all the buildings close together it is often difficult to blast music late into the night.

House parties in New York manage to maintain the vibe of being in the city, while at the same time giving party goers the experience of being in an intimate setting. This becomes clear due to the amount of conversation which occurs at these events being more frequent than at house parties in other cities and states.

Like most of the house parties which appear on, New York house parties are usually events which are open to not just immediate friends who have received and invite. It is a common occurrence that guests are allowed to bring friends out to enjoy what the city has to offer. is a way of making your friends aware of what guests you intend to invite to join. This can potentially lessen any awkward interactions because the host will have some idea of who the people at their party came with. This is important in a New York house party setting due to the frequency of conversation which occurs between guests. So get to know the rest of the people looking for house parties in New York City, use to party hop tonight!