nightlifeWhenever I make an attempt to research a city which I intend to visit the word “Nightlife” shows up. Clicking on this word leads me to multiple websites all claiming to, guide me to the “hotspots” and “fun” each city has to offer. Unfortunately, it is also my experience that these websites simply do not offer what it is I want as far as the term “Nightlife” goes. When I go out, I want options and I want to know which of my friends will be there. The next, is a series of events which I am sure others are familiar with. I say tomyself, “Maybe there are a few things to do at night when I’m sure to become bored?”, this leads me to look up all the bars nearby. I also try to remember all the people I know who are originally from, live in, or went to school near my destination.

When you say to a friend, “How’s the night life?” their response is only based on places they go, or have been. They can tell you that the bar they go to every weekend is awesome, but who’s to say that you enjoy the same music or atmosphere. There are many different types of activities which fall under the term “nightlife”. For instance, there are parties, concerts, bar specials and happy hours. I never know what mood might strike me so the flexibility of being able to choose my night life activity quickly and conveniently is really important. Thankfully, there is such a website which has embarked on the quest of fulfilling this desire. manages to simplify finding these events for its users. The website does not do this by means of flashing an address and hoping for the best. It also gives you insight as to what specials are going on there and helps keep you in contact with friends who frequent the establishment. This makes it much easier to keep in touch with not only the people around you, but the events that are happening in your area that you have access to. Whether you choose to attend a house party another user has invited you to, decide to swing by a happy hour after work or class, or invite friends to a concert that is a few weeks away allows you to know keep everything you plan to do organized while managing to give you information about events currently available as well.