NJ Teacher Asks Students to Bring Semen Stained Tissues to School for Art Project

dirty tissuesCharles Reilly, a former Camden County NJ councilman  and school teacher has admittedly engaged  in inappropriate sexual conversation with seventeen 12-16 year old boys at the school he taught at. Reilly will be sentenced  today after pleading guilty to charges of official misconduct, child endangerment and attempted child endangerment.

Prosecutors have stated  that Charles  Reilly asked  some students  to bring semen-stained  tissues with them  to school so he could make an art project with the dirty cum rags. Prosecutors are seeking a 15 year jail sentence with no option for parole until at least 5 years are served.

We  bet that Mr. Reilly wishes he could just white out this event from his life. Maybe he will be able to make his art after a few bathroom sessions in jail. However, we believe the tissues  may be stained slightly brown and red once the other inmates are done  with Mr. Reilly.