NYC Clubs

nyc clubs There are many clubs in New York City. In fact one of the most famous, or perhaps infamous, clubs in the history of the night life industry, Studio 54 originated in New York City before being transplantedtoLas Vegas. The NYC clubs which remain are constantly attempting to help innovate the night life and club industries without compromising the atmosphere of fun which has permeated from the ‘Big Apple” since the heyday of Studio 54. Pacha, one of NYC clubs helped Electronic music lovers kick off the summer by co-sponsoring New York City’s first attempt at hosting the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Thesuccess of this event, and the subsequent after party type concerts held at Pacha, Cielo, and District 36 all but assured that the Electric Daisy Carnival will be coming back to New York City next year. Every night club in NYC usually offers an interesting lineup of in-house DJs or guest DJs who visit because there is no other atmosphere like a New York City crowd. Night clubs frequently run their events from Wednesdays to Sundays with a different DJ each night. This type of rotating schedule leaves clubgoers somewhat in the dark about who is performing, at which clubs, at specific times. Thankfully, has solved this issue by cataloging the events offered by each NYC clubs and then helping to keep users updated as to what is happening. users are made up of a plethora of music lovers and social butterflies who not only keep track of when specific DJs are performing, but also know these night clubs very well. We keep track of the time each DJ is set to perform, and because of the ability to interact through social media, users can update one another as to who is currently on, whether or not the event is fun, and if it is worth the cost of admission. An advantage of using this website is that you can make friends with people who go to the same clubs that you do. This helps because you can update one another about the different events and discuss which ones may not be worthwhile. Another advantage is the use of a zip code radius to find events closer to the user. This is important for those who travel frequently, or simply for tourists who are only in New York City for a few days and want to attend a few night clubs. This makes it easier for anyone attempting to use to party hop!