NYC happy hour

New York City Happy Hour Do you often find yourself texting all your friends to find out what everyone is doing tonight? Or are you the person everyone contacts to organize your weekly/monthly get-togethers? If you do, you are one of the many people constantly searching for a good bar to celebrate happy hour in NYC, and coming up short. This is because many of our favorite places simply list their daily special on a chalkboard outside of the bar hoping that one of us will be wandering by and decide to make it our haunt for the night.
While we realize that some of youmayfind this nightly search fun, like Lewis and Clark venturing West for the first time, the rest of us find this task to be an often tedious task. In an attempt to minimize the actual leg-work associated with finding a good happy hour in New York, you see what I did there? We understand that many of our users have their schedules filled up with their jobs, are busy with their school-work, or are simply new to the area and are not yet familiar with the archaic system of finding the right happy hour in NYC. Well, we have something special for you and yes, you are very welcome! has some very exciting news for all the students and young professionals in New York City! Thanks to our marketing and programming teams, our efforts to bring you the best New York happy hours have been doubled! Not only can our users visit the regular website, but we have just gone mobile! Because of this, our users may now take us with them every time they are going out, or planning to go out.

We are certain that expanding our efforts to increase the amount of people using the site as well as expanding the types of  NYC happy hour offers we have available on our site. We have events tailored to the many students who happily call New York City their campus, this includes students at Fordham University, NYU, Columbia University, St. John’s University, Pace University, and many other schools in the area. We also understand that students are not the only people enjoying happy hour in New York, to account for this we have listed many specials which members of the workforce can also enjoy on their days off, and lunch breaks. Our users can now find places in close proximity where they can find deals on food along with their drink specials. This makes it a lot more convenient for those of us who cannot make it to our local New York happy hour, this way knowing what other people are doing for lunch and meeting up with them has become effortless.

If you have made it this far, you are clearly someone we would love to have as a user of our new and improved website. So, stop what you are doing, or you can multi-task, and go sign-up to become a member of FiestaFrog.Com! While you do so, do not forget your friends who are also looking for concerts, bar specials, and NYC happy hour deals! They will thank you as much as we will! FiestaFrog.Com is the website for those who want a site where they can sign-up today, and party hop tonight!