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By now I’m sure most of us are familiar with the general rules of beer pong. If not, we’ll have to address what you’vebeer pong, beerpong, college, party, beer, drinking game, drinking games, rules, constitution been spending your parents’ money doing at another time. Usually the game involves 2-4 competitors employing the use of six or ten cups and two ping pong balls. Everyone gets one shot with the teams alternating possessions. If both players make their shots they get the balls back. These rules are the basis for how the game is played around the United States. Below are a few of the fun adjustments I’ve come across in my beer pong playing experience.

“NBA Jam“- Classic childhood game for me turned into night of debauchery. The rules behind this tweak are simple, if your parents didn’t ruin your childhood by keeping you out of arcades, I mean. You call “heating up” after the second consecutive shot an individual makes. Making a third one puts that individual “On Fire”, this means they shoot until they miss up to making five in a row. Basically you get two free shots if you don’t miss.

“Naked Lap“- Pretty simple rule, if your team doesn’t hit any cups then you run naked.

“Trolling”– No this is not what you and your friends do around closing time at the local bars. This rule is designed to put emphasis on the importance of teamwork. If one player on a team doesn’t hit any cups, and his/her team loses then that player has to sit under the table for the following game.

“Airball(?)”– I’m not entirely sure what to call this one, so I’m gonna keep it simple with Airball. I played with this rule when I visited my boy at Santa Clara University, basically, if you shoot for the cup and completely miss you loose a cup. I personally think that rule sucks, “I’m fucking drunk, what

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