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Ok state top party schools

Oklahoma State University–Stillwater (OK State)

Stillwater, OK

Ok State has definitely been known as a place to study, and have a nice bit of fun, for a while now. Most of the social life at this school is driven by the strong greek system in place. In other words, fraternities and sororities run this campus my friend! Having friends with connections can get you a long way, as far as your nightlife options. Campus safety at this school is a little harsh, so try to keep the fun inbounds or private. The sports teams at this school are very, very impressive; they don’t just stop at Football and Basketball, the Cowboys are also formidable at wrestling, soccer, and cross-country. That translates into a lot of celebrating around campus.

Mascot: Pistol Pete

Party Grade: B-

Enrollment: 23,459

Guys: 52%

Girls: 48%

Greek Life at Ok State: Yes, there are close to 40 nationally-affiliated fraternities and sororities on campus.

Bars/Hangouts at OK State:

Make sure you swing past Tumbleweed on a Thursday night.

Get straight to the point at The College Bar.

Catch a few $2 specials at The Stonewall Tavern.

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