What is Operation Patience

what is operation patienceWhat is Operation Patience? Robert Griffin III was recently fined $10,000 for wearing a t-shirt reading “Operation Patience” on the front during a pre-game warm up. What is Robert Griffin III tryingtoconveywith the shirt?

RG3 is referring to his return from major knee injury and surgery. He has still not made it back onto the field for a pre-season game, but he has shown some explosiveness on the practice field.

The “Operation Patience” shirt is made by Adidas. Since the NFL’s official sponsor is Nike and the NFL doesn’t permit players to wear any non-approved apparel, they fined RG3.

The NFL sure made theshirtpay off for Adidas by fining RG3 and causing a flood of articles to be written about the topic.So, what do you think RG3 was wearing the shirt for and what is Operation Patience? Was it just a marketing campaign for Adidas? Or, was RG3 trying to send a message that he’s ready for Week 1?