Pandas Barred from Predicting World Cup, Now What Do We Do?!

With witch doctors cursing World cup players and Brazilians considering rioting it’s clear that when it comes to Fifa games anything goes. Naturally, panda cubs could predict the winning teams. Duh. Not on China’s watch.  The media stunt that was hyped on social media came to a halt. The cubs were going to indicate their predictions by choosing food containers emblazoned with the national flags of the teams.  Researchers said the authorities stepped in shutting down the event. Pandas, Predict, World Cup, china, brazil, panda, banned, ban Part of the hype comes from the fact that last world cup, a clearly psychic Octopus named Paul had guessed correctly the winning teams all the way to the semi-finals.  Not sure what Pandas have in common with  an Octopus but now we won’t be able to compare their abilities in sports predictions, thanks China! Not. Someone get on the shell phone and hit up Paul.  At least he has a proven track record.

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