Parrot Lost for 4 Years. Returns Home Speaking Spanish

nigel  lost parrot spanishAn African grey parrot named Nigel, who lived in Torrance, CA with its owner and spoke with a British accent,  was missing for 4 years. The owner of Nigel, Darren Chick, said the bird flew away one day and never came back. After a few weeks of searching for Nigel, Darren gave up hope.

Nigel likely lived outdoors on its own for a few years until a small business owner from Panama found the bird outside her store. The  shop owner took Nigel in and set off to try to locate his owner. The shop owner found a veterinarian that was looking for her own lost African grey parrot. However, once the veterinarian met Nigel, she knew it wasn’t the right bird. However, the vet checked Nigel’s micro chip and was able to locate its owner.

When the  vet contacted Darren and  asked him if he had lost a bird, Darren seemed confused. He had no idea that Nigel was still alive. When the two finally reunited, Nigel greeted Darren with a bite to the hand. The bite was not the only reason the reunion was tearful.

What surprised Darren the  most was that Nigel had learned Spanish in his time away from the house. Nigel now greets people with “¿que pasa?” instead of “hello.” It is believed that Nigel picked up his Spanish from the Peruvian shop owner who  found him.