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Partying at Syracuse has a split personality—some days are great and some are bad. That swing from good to bad can be very drastic and sudden, but for the casual partier, SU will more than suffice. Most weekends, there will be at least one frat party (where the majority of parties occur) and a few house parties. Those who like 100–200 people jammed in a basement waiting in line for the keg should head towards Frat Row on Comstock Avenue. It might not sound appealing, but it’s a perfect setting for freshmen. You can meet new people and bond with the onesyou met a few weeks before.

Of course, there will be weekends where absolutely nothing is happening. During these weeks, many students choose to patronize the bars. You have to find the bar that’s right for you, but be careful: as part of Operation Prevent, Syracuse cops have been cracking down hard on underage drinkers, including conducting bar raids. This means two things: the bouncers will be more strict when looking at IDs, and there always will be a fear that the bar where you are pounding kamikazes will get raided. In April 2004, Konrad’s, one of the more notorious bars for underage drinking, was shut down after too many raids. Use extreme caution when going out to the bars underage. On the weekends, the nightlife is evident in the dorms, as well, and if you want to do work, you should head to a computer cluster or to the library to avoid the debauchery. If you are partying in the dorms, make sure you have an RA who can tolerate some noise.

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Club Crawler

The club scene in Syracuse is not very prominent. For one, there are really no clubs close to the campus; also, students seem to prefer bars over clubs in general.

Bar Prowler

The bar scene on campus can be split into two categories: those within walking distance, and those that require vehicular transportation. Subsequently, the bars in Armory Square and downtown Syracuse cater to an older crowd, while the bars on the SU hill feature almost entirely SU students, and even some underclassmen.

Closing Time

2 a.m.

Cheapest Place to Get a Drink

Armory Square

Happy hour at Chuck’s Cafe & Bar

Club ListingsWhat’s This?

The Country Club

One of the most celebrated night spots in upstate NY, the Country Club has a chic clientele, a packed dancefloor, plush Romanesque architecture, and DJs spinning mostly rock, pop, and house—though on Fridays, it becomes a massive Southern hoedown with country music and two-stepping all night long. Open to 18 and over.

Erie Boulevard East at Bridge Street


(315) 445-2527


Club 950

A local lesbian dance club featuring a funky atmosphere with eye-catching artwork, pop and dance music, weekly karaoke, drag king shows (that’s kings, not queens), and great food. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

950 Spencer St.

(315) 425-1450


Bar ListingsWhat’s This?

Lucy’s Retired Surfers

The So-Cal theme might feel a bit out of place in Syracuse, but this is still a fun bar where the DJs spin surf music as well as the typical top-40 fare, and the Corona flows like water. You can also get a spot in the VIP room for $5, as well.

721 S. Crouse Ave.

(315) 476-9990


Limerick Pub

This is a traditional Irish pub with good sandwiches, pool tables, and low-density crowds.

134 Walton St.

(315) 475-1819


PJ Dorsey’s Pub & Grill

A fun bar with a good crowd and Irish music. It’s also connected to the acclaimed PJ Dorsey’s Steakhouse, so you can stop in there for some upscale dining before hitting the bar—don’t expect to eat cheaply, though.

116 Walton St.

(315) 478-3023


Maggie’s Tavern

Maggie’s makes it a point to cater to the Greek crowd, and the walls are decorated with fraternity and sorority memorabilia. They host several Greek events, as well.

720 University Ave.

(315) 424-1325


Faegan’s Café & Pub

In addition to it’s laid-back atmosphere and weekly live jazz and blues performances, Faegan’s boasts 32 different beers on tap, including domestics, imports, and microbrews. A popular favorite among beer lovers.

734 S. Crouse Ave.

(315) 472-4721


Chuck’s Café & Bar

As “Hungry Charlie’s,” this bar was once notorious for its loose underage drinking policies, but they closed down voluntarily and set up shop in the guise of an “espresso bar.” Don’t let that fool you, though; this is still a good bar with good music and drink specials—but expect to be carded.

727 S. Crouse Ave.

(315) 477-1544


Blue Tusk

This is a very classy beer-bar and a staple of the Syracuse bar scene. Blue Tusk features nearly 70 varieties of beer on tap from all over the world, all served in 20 ounce “imperial” pints. Expensive, yes, but worth the experience.

165 Walton St.

(315) 472-1934


Darwin’s Restaurant & Bar

A good mix of American continental dining and bar/nightclub, Darwin’s has live blues performances, DJs on the weekends, a big screen TV, and a great view of SU campus, as well as great all-you-can-eat lunch buffet.

701 S. Crouse Ave.

(315) 472-1901


Daniel Jack’s Entertainment Restaurant

Thursday night is Trivia Night, where a $50 bar tab prize. Also features a happy hour and musical entertainment.

218 Walton St.

(315) 475-8357


What to Do if You’re Not 21What’s This?


There are many great coffee shops and venues in the SU area. Check out Happy Ending on South Clinton Street or the Westcott Community Center on Euclid Avenue to hear live music on the weekends. Also, on Friday nights until around 8 p.m., anyone over 18 can head to Chuck’s on Marshall Street and either eat or hang out with their 21-and-over friends.

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