Can A Person Get Drunk Without Drinking? #DrunkWithoutDrinking

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Usually, when an obviously drunk person claims that they went without a drink the whole night, it’s a lame attempt to forgo a speeding ticket, or public intoxication arrest. Some bros out there probably think that it would be awesome to house a brewery under their lax tanks, but it can turn out to be a pretty crappy experience.

Can A Person ACTUALLY Get Drunk Without Drinking?

Yes, it is completely possible for a person to get drunk without drinking/ingesting any alcohol!

Such was the case for a sixty-one year old, Texas native, this is the case. He suffers from, one of the few documented cases of, Gut Fermentation Syndrome with Saccharomyces cerevisiae as the Causative Organism,that’s a lot to say so people often just call it Auto-Brewery.According to, the International Journal of Clinical Medicine, this phenomenon occurs when “an overgrowth of yeast in the gut whereby the yeast ferments carbohydrates into ethanol.” Basically, carbohydrates (french fries, bagels, pasta) go into your body, and your stomach turns it into ethanol! A frat bro/college student’s wet dream, getting drunk without spending money drinking. Just pop over to the dining hall, swipe a bagel and you’re good to go! This 61 years old male, showed up at the hospital in January of 2010¬†claiming a history of “unexplained intoxication” stretching back, at least,five years.
He and his wife both claim that in 2004, he received surgery for a broken foot. He followed up this surgery with antibiotic treatments, until, he began to seem way too drunk after drinking only two beers (like a college freshman). On other occasions he seemed drunk without drinking, anything at all. His wife, being a nurse, started documenting these occurrences with a DOT-approved breathalyzer. Finding that his blood alcohol percent was as high as 0.33 to 0.40 in some situations. Doctor’s called shenanigans, and claimed that he was sneaking hooch while no one was monitoring him. To dispel that myth, doctors kept him in the hospital under 24-hour surveillance and did not allow him any visitors.

During this observation the patient’s blood was taken every 4-hours to monitor his blood alcohol content (BAC); at one point his BAC reached 0.12, past the legal driving limit. There were 12 reported cases in Japan prior to 1972, and only two cases diagnosed in children; a 13 years old girl with short gut syndrome who became intoxicated after ingesting carbohydrates, and a 3 years old girl with short bowel syndrome who became intoxicated after ingesting a carbohydrate-rich fruit drink. Both cases were resolved using medicine. For the full report/case study check out International Journal of Clinical Medicine.

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