Picking Up Guys/Girls While Traveling | College Sex

So I’m sitting here at JFK Airport and I can’t help to notice the cute girls walking around, awkwardly looking at foreigners because they dress well when they travel and not in your school hoodie and sweatpants (no offence American chicks). But I had one experience that changed my perspective on underdressed college kids.

Given the spirit of Independence Day weekend, I rolled up to the airport in my cuffed chinos, boat shoes, a cap, and of course, my Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University t-shirt (I apologize for being specific, us Newhouse kids are proud so let it be). Yesyou guys might be wondering what was so “America” about my outfit, but to us foreigners, chinos and boat shoes are super American in contrast to overpriced denim and colorful driving loafers.

Before entering the terminal, I realized that smoking rooms hardly exist in the States now so I might as while have a drag of my lovely yet seriously harmful habit before I get on my ridiculously long journey back home to Bangkok. While smoking, this girl approached me wearing an oversized USC sweatshirt on. She was brunette (nice!), about 5’5”, hazel eyes, was probably a dancer or some sort of athlete given that her legs were more defined than mine (Although that doesn’t mean much cause I have pretty pussy legs), and she was so damn cute. I was standing there, half chub, while taking drags from an already burnt out cig

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