Playboy’s 1987 Top 40 Party Colleges | Throwback Thursday

Every year we put out a list of the Top Party Schools in the US. Someone always asks us, “How do you decide the rankings?” Good question, simple answer; we let college students vote on it! Why would we do that? Because when we created our first list we were inspired by the original list put out by Playboy in 1987! So, we wanted to create a list that asked STUDENTS.

Most people have never seen this list, but they reference it as though they have intimate knowledge of it. We decided that for everyone to best understand what/why/how we do it, we should showcase the original list for you guys.

We thank them for the inspiration, but it’s time to pass the ball…

So go ahead, take a look at the original Top 40 Party Colleges, as they appeared in the Playboy article! We also put in the funny slogans associated with each school at the time, if you’re an alum/current student let us know if they still apply.

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TOP 40 PARTY COLLEGES – a ranking by those who know best-the students themselves- of the nation’s most dedicated good-time campuses

compiled by Wayne Duvall

Yes, it’s cleanup time. Drinking-age limits have been raised, AIDS is scaring the bejesus out of casual sex and recreational is, thankfully, being cracked down on. All to the good, we say. But, we wondered, how are college students reacting? Are campuses really turning into monastaries? Or is there a parallel universe out there where kids are doing what kids have always done?

We decided to poll the undergraduates themselves. Not the freshmen who’ve already decided which investment bank they’re going to interview for-this was SOCIAL research, folks. Over a six-month period, we interviewed campus club leaders, dorm rush chairmen, fraternity presidents and other campus social lights at more then 250 colleges nationwide and asked them if the partying was really over. The answer, from California to Rhode Island, was “Hell, no!” We were inundated with candidates for leading party schools and then compiled this list of the top contenders.

So here, as a reminder that life goes on even in solemn times, is the definitive ranking of fun schools as selected by the students.

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The ORIGINAL Top “Party Schools”:

1. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, Chico: Normal people have moved out of the area because of the partying. “It’s so hot here that it’ll make your skin bubble.”

2. UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI, Coral Gables: Campus location a plus; students have access to (and can afford) most party refreshments. “We have sex in hot tubs. Preferably in groups.”

3. SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY, San Diego: The most beautiful women in Californiaand the place that made the beach part legendary. “School is a nice thing to do between parties.”

4. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT, Burlington: Students drive Saabs with ski racks; the school boasts the most beautiful women in the east. “We’ll make any excuse for a party.”

5. SLIPPERY ROCK UNIVERSITY, Pennsylvania: Move over, Penn State; this little school has an Infamous party rep. “People here like to get naked and run around.”

6. UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT, Storrs: New Englands’s most uncontrollable partiers.

7. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY, Morgantown: Once dubbed a “quintessential party school” in Lisa Birnbach’s book; students claim, “Anything goes here. People think we’re drunken hill-billies. They’re probably right.”

8. PLYMOUTH STATE COLLEGE, Plymouth, New Hampshire: Chock-full of phys-ed majors and future nail pounders. “Instead of doing something constructive, we party.”

9. MERCER UNIVERSITY, Macon, Georgia: Small, private Southern Baptist school with a genteel party rep. “We get`em from all over-Sunny Florida, Lusty Georgia, You name it.”

10. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, Charlottesville: Home of the Tilkas-the exclusive and honorable society (circa 1800s) made up of the best drinkers on campus. “If you come here, you’re expected to party.”

11. STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, Cortland: A haven for partying jocks and God`s-gift-to-the-world-body-builders. “We’re so hot, you have to take your shirt off. And most girls do.”

12. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY, Fort Collins: Agricultural majors put in more time on the ski slopes than in the field. Students from other campuses trek here to party. “We’ve got women coming out of the woodwork.”

13. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, Tempe: A consistent winner in party-school polls. Students’ goal: to be thin, tan, and popular. “Most of the guys here are in pernament heat.”

14. UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, Las vegas: The 24-hour party school in the 24-hour town. “Most of the women here don’t wear bras and like good times.”

15. BOSTON UNIVERSITY, Boston: Birnbach rated this one as the most promiscuous school. The Word from a Harvard student: “BU? Yeah, they’re into wild parties and rampant sex.”

16. CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, Mount Pleasant: To calm this crew down, the once had to hire a crew of extra cops. It didn’t help. They’re proud that their parties “usually make page one.”

17. SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, Carbondale: All other Illinois schools bow to this one; most college handbooks pick it as well. Why? “We’d put our sexual temperature at 105 degrees.”

18. BALL STATE UNIVERSITY, Muncie, Indiana: It may be small, but it boasts a girl-to-guy ratio that men love. Students also have party-till-you-can’t see bashes. “If you need a place to fall into the gutter, this is it.”

19. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY, Stillwater: Despite its location, the waters aren’t still on this Okie campus. “Good ol’ boys doin’ the two-step and “partyin'”

20. CENTRAL CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY, New Britan: Coeducation here means that hitting the books coexists with hitting the party circuit.”We like to call ourselves the round-the-clock party connection.”

21. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, College Park: This school IS the town, and this town rocks. “We don’t know where we’re goin’ after we graduate, ’cause we don’t know when we’re graduatin’.”

22. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI, University: Rich kids who have mint-julep-on-the-veranda parties. “They call us the country club of the South.”

23. WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE, Carrollton: Students’ long term goal:” To get the minimumm grade-point average so Mom and Dad will let us stay in school.” Short-term goal: “To scrape together enough money to buy a case.”

24. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS at Austin: You gotta shell out the bucks, but the parties are “lavish and wild.” Rumor has it there’s not a single unattractive girl on campus.

25. MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Cambridge: The big suprise is that these mild-mannered nerds by day are explosive, high-tech partiers by night. “We’re frenzied and sweating and absoulutely insane.”

26. UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS, Lawrence: Sometimes called Snob Hill, this campus is loaded with “Frisbee throwers with that pseudo-California look who go all out during Waste Yourself Week at the beginning of school.”

27. KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY, Manhattan: The agricultural party school that projects a good ol’ hell-raising party image. “We’re wild Western-Campus kids in a half-inch of cowshit.”

28. GLASSBORO STATE COLLEGE, Glassboro, New Jersey: Small, suburban but jumping. “We’re animalistic. It’s the law of the jungle here.”

29. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, Gainesville: It’s annual football game with Georgia has been dubbed the wold’s largest cocktail party. “Face it, the closer you are to the equator, the crazier you get.”

30. EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY, Richmond: The surrounding town is usually kept awake by the students’ explosive bashes. “Hell, we’re a bitch in heat.”

31. UNIVERSITY OF IOWA, Iowa City: Forget the farm-boy image: “We’re the rockin’est, most decadent party fools in the Midwest. We’re radioactive and burnin’ down our core every day.”

32. UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA, Norman: National center for future oil tycoons who party in jet-set fashion. Their rationaile: “We’re not concerned with the rest of our lives, so we may as well fuck up now.”

33. BROWN UNIVERSITY, Providence, Rhode Island: Students have PREparties to gear up for the actual bashes. “We may be Ivy leauge, but we dance constantly.”

34. OHIO UNIVERSITY, Athens: Famous for its Halloween blowout, the school has a trick-or-treat image: The frats do the tricking and everyone does the treating. “We have uncontained eruptions.”

35. UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS at Amherst: There are so many parties at “ZooMass”, students say can imbibe for free from Friday to Sunday. “We’re out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do but party.”

36. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA, Athens: These farm boys supposedly come from “partying families” who’ve passed the tradition on to the kids. “No matter what you’re looking for, it’s here if you want it.”

37. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY, Baton Rouge: Known for “don’t-give-a-shit additudes,” LSU extends a special invitation: “Just bring a bathing suit and Baby Oil.”

38. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI/Rolla: Known for it’s Saint Patty’s Day explosion, which is more than your average brawl. ” We HAVE to party. The women are prick teasers who take engineering courses and cuss with the guys.”

39. REED COLLEGE, Portland, Oregon: The suprise part school of the usually quiet great Northwest. “There’s high sexual energy here. You can even get sensuously involved with your studies.”

40. FAIRHAVEN COLLEGE, Bellingham, Washington: A return to the psychedelic Sixties: “We’re into sharing lovers here- in different combinations.”

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