Police on Lookout for Irate Father Who Gave Customer Knuckle Sandwich at Deli

dad punch wawa daughterPolice in Upper Darby, PA are on the lookout for an irate father who punched a Wawa store patron trying to order a hoagie in the face. While the customer was not ordering a knuckle sandwich, he was served with a bloody face  and a possible concussion and taken to Delaware County Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The father reportedly gave the 47 year old victim a cold cut because the father thought the victim was staring at his daughter inappropriately. “If somebody’s looking at your daughter why don’t you confront him instead of punching him? … This guy’s not an overprotective father … That’s just his excuse for thumping the guy” said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

The father and daughter fled in a four door vehicle believed  to be a Ford.