Tulsa Police Officer Fires Gun at Teens After He Catches Them Having Sex

Over the weekend, a Tulsa Public Schools police officer caught two teenagers trying to get a little backseat loving in the school parking lot. He decide that it would be a good idea to  go up to the car to start “asking them questions”. Instead of answering his questions, they did what any teenagers trying to have sex in a school parking lot would do….DROVE OFF. 

Instead of patting himself on the back for a patrolling job well done, Paul Blart public school officer decides to fire his gun at the teens’ car as they drive away! He managed to hit the back left tire, so a pretty good shot, but the teenagers still managed to get away.

He’s since been placed on paid leave pending an investigation.

WHen asked about the incident, Chris Payne, a TPS official said  “We have really sound security. It would really be unwise to be doing anything after hours,”

I get that they shouldn’t have been tresspassing, but is giving them a ticket worth THAT MUCH? There’s no need to take weekend parking lot duty quite SO serious Supercop! Save a little for the next bank heist you catch in progress.