Pool Party: Do It Right | College Advice and Tips

college pool partyWe’re finally in the middle of summer, it’s getting hot as all fuck outside, and we all know that means pool parties. Pool parties are a great idea on a hot day, but they’re really easy to mess up in the planning stages. So here are a few of the essential s of throwing a party your friends and acquaintances will talk about, and maybe it will even inspire them to show up at you next one.

Time- One of the most important factors I always emphasize with a party of any sort is the timing. Remember it’s hot outside or it’s about tobe very hot. You don’t want to start your party in the middle of the heat that means way less time to socialize. This is the one type of party where starting early is key. You need to start early enough that you beat the heat to the party, yet not so early that no one has recovered from whatever they got into the night before. You want people drinking, swimming, and eating. Keeping a solid rotation of the three will keep you golden. This brings us to….

Grill- What’s that old saying? “Come for the friends, stay for the food.” Well maybe that’s just my personal motto but its damn right. I technically count swimming as exercise, especially when I’m walking around flexing to keep the girls interested, not that my six pack isn’t always there…oops, FUCK! Anyway, the combination of drinking and swimming makes me hungry, if you don’t give me food I am going to find it. If I have to go find food chances are I’m taking people with me and not coming back. So go against the pimp handbookon

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