Potato Chips, Top Brands For The Munchies

Doritos- As I was writing this article, a Doritos commercial came on television. I knew then I had my sign for best chip. A lot of junk food comes in different flavors and sizes but none varies them as well as the updated torilla chip. I’ve loved these chips since I was but a wee lad in the urban lands of Chicago. The signature flavors of: nacho cheese, cool ranch and hot cheese, are staples in the chip world. Each person has their favorite of the three, but I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like Doritos. The Jacked Doritos are the greatest chips bestowed upon man (they embody everything we love in food). This newer version has everything you could look for in a chip; the crunch, flavor, texture.

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2.Lays: Although this chip is like the standard brand for chips—it is justified. This chip has the appropriate amount salt-to-chip ratio. You can taste the salty aspects but you aren’t overwhelmed by them. The sauce on the chip doesn’t have to be overtly prominent because of the salt. The most beneficial thing Lays has going for it is the composition of each single chip. The chip in itself melts in your mouth and makes its hard to just eat one. When paired with a soft drink, Lays can be irresistible.

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3.Pringles: The creators of Pringles were chemist Fredric Baur and P&G researcher Alexander Liepa who both worked separately to develop a perfect potato chip. Procter & Gamble sold Pringles to the Kellog Company, an American multinational food manufacturing company. The Kellog Company officially acquired the brand on March 31, 2012. Pringles is known for producing exciting flavors sometimes released in limited edition. Some of Pringle’s popular flavors include chili cheese dog, seaweed, cinnamon sugar, sour cream, and ketchup among others.

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4.Ruffles: It has a variety of flavors aside from its regular flavors that includes cheddar & sour cream, sour cream & onion, buffalo wing, honey mustard, paprika, loaded chili and cheese, au gratin and more.

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They’re Baked…like you when you pick them up….

5.Kettle Brand: It was founded by Cameron Healy in 1978 but the company produced its first potato chips in 1982. The Kettle Brand is known for using all-natural ingredients. They also invite individuals to join their contest to produce new potato chip flavors. Examples of Kettle’s potato chip flavors include New York Cheddar, jalapeño, sour cream, sea salt and honey barbecue.