Prescription Drugs: Helping You “Make The Grade”, Or Ruining Your Future?

Disclaimer: I am in no way trying to become a digital D.A.R.E. advertisement, but the topic of prescription drug abuse hits close to home for me. I have known many people who have fallen victim to theillsofaddiction, and in some cases, have lost their lives. While Fiesta Frog works to help you find/promote parties and events, we also hope to provide information to assist those whom choose this lifestyle throughout our blog. We strongly advocate for safe and smart partying. We all just want to have a good time!

prescription drugs

The prevalence of prescription drug abuse/overdose in the United States is a topic that is gradually beginning to make headway in general media, but it’s something that many college students and graduates can either attest to experiencing or knowing someone who has been affected by prescription drugs. Despite the fact that I graduated college two years ago, I can confidently say that the problem is only growing within my generation. Keep in mind, it also beleaguers anyone who has had a horrific injury/illness — or as it has been proven — a not so horrific injury/illness, as doctors are readily willing to prescribe it like Pez candy.


This surmounting issue regained my attention after tuning in to a Joe Rogan podcast a few nights ago. Side note: for anyone who doesn’t already (and this applies to women as well!), I highly recommend listening to The Joe Rogan Experience. His podcast’s touch upon many topics within counterculture and is coupled with his renowned intellect, sarcasm, and wit.

Within the podcast, Rogan invited Portuguese journalist, Mariana Van Zeller, to discuss her contribution and experience filming the documentary, “The Oxycotin Express.” The documentary focuses on the widespread abuse of OxyContin and other related painkillers in none other than, “the Sunshine State”, Florida, and its growing pipeline scaling the beaches of Ft. Lauderdale to the hills of Appalachia.

Coincidentally, I just moved to South Florida over the weekend, and can already vouch to the surplus of pain management clinics dispersed along the highways and major roads. To make matters clear, consider this: prescription overdose is the number one cause of accidental death in the United States, in which an average of 7 people die everyday. For those of you living in Florida like myself, doctors in Florida prescribe painkillers 10 times more than any other state in the country combined!

prescription drugs

I find this issue to be of importance to the average college student because, as we are all aware, most students will experiment with alcohol and/or drugs at
some point during their college careers. Students use prescription drugs to invigorate their experience of a mind-altering substance. It certainly doesn’t help that drugs like OxyContin are more obtainable than many street drugs, and the fact that a plethora of doctors in our country are basically “drug dealers with degrees”, as Joe Rogan so eloquently puts it.

My main message to anyone reading this post is: don’t become a zombie! Prescription drugs have the capacity to suck the life out of you and ruin anything worth cherishing and achieving. The next time you’re at a college party, rave, bar, or whatever it may be — please think twice before trying something that seems like it will elevate your college experience.

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