Living On Campus Vs. Off Campus | Pros & Cons

If you’ re gearing towards living on campus oppose to living off-campus during college, and are in need of some help in making the right decision? Look no further because this breakdown will provide some insight.When choosing to live on campus during college, a you might want to take into account proximity, social life, and responsibility.

On Campus

Pro: When living on campus you’re closer to campus facilities and class rooms. There will be no required commute and the hassles of planning ahead will be eliminated. Everything will be accessible by foot or by bicycle.

Con: Throughout the year you will realize that the word privacy is non-existent, that extends to your social life, when living on campus.

Pro: There is a stronger sense of community and school spirit when living on campus, which makes it very easy for students to make long lasting friendships. Loneliness is not an option when living on campus. Keep in mind however, because there is such a social scene, finding quiet time is close to impossible.

Con: This sense of a social life could negatively affect your production of quality work, if a student would rather chill with their mates than spend time studying.

Pro: By living on campus, a your board is included in their tuition so making rent payments will not be an issue. Also in a majority of situations, you are provided with meal plans when choosing to live on campus. So there goes the need to shop for groceries, although you might find yourself eating in their dorm rooms any how.


Pro:When finding housing situations away from school grounds you have many options as to what kind of lifestyle you want to live.

Pro: You might find an apartment with an excess amount of space. Compared to dormitory situations, having that extra amount of square feet is a nice luxury to have.

Pro: Living off campus grants you more independence than they would have living on campus. Residence halls enforce many rules on students, rules students will not be confronted with when living off school grounds.

Pro: Privacy is another aspect to take into account here. You will have your own bedrooms when selecting housing situations off campus. This is highly valued mainly because you now have a sanctuary, which you can utilize to study. This also grants you time to have more immersive, stimulating, private time if need be!

Con: You’re further from your classes and the main campus. Your off-campus housing might be a hike from where your friends live.

Con: If a student chooses to live off campus, that student will take on new responsibilities. On top of all that academic work a student will have to stress over making rent payments and going grocery shopping. Students will have to create a budget plan and devote some of their valuable time managing their expenses.

You should take these options into account when making that decision to live on or away from school. Both have their pros and cons, It just matters on what type of person you are or wish to become.