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There are big talks about the new movie coming out called Project X . This movie looks insane and hits home very hard. ‘Project X ‘ is a movie about the most extreme house party ever and “the partyyou’ve only dreamed about’. The trailer (below this post) just blows my mind away and I suggest you watch the movie when it comes out March 2, 2011. However, you are probably reading this post because you want to find project X house parties like the one in movies such as Animal house, the Hangover and the new ‘ProjectX’.So lets get to the point! I must say its hard but it can be done!! Here are some tips to finding an extreme house party:1) Get a party searchers account! – This is the first thing you should do, probably the MOST important tip! is a free website tells you where all the house parties in your area or college are. This is big if you really want to find a ” Project X” party. All you do is enter any zip code and voila, the parties show up in that area. This is clutch when its time for spring break and you don’t know where anything is!2) Be social and make connections– Make friends with rich party animals and clubbers with big houses. How are you not going to throw a big party without a big house. You cant just settle for a rich person.This

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