Public Safety Officers Fired For Reccording Female Student | Are YOU Safe From P-Safe?

Students at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT were shocked and outraged, to learn that two Public Safety officers had been fired for taking pictures of and possibly filming, a female student insideherdorm room. These events became public knowledge through, an email, sent to students by the Wesleyan University administration on Tuesday, April 30. The administration learned about this breach of trust and invasion of privacy from officials in the Middletown Police Department. An investigation has since been launched by the MPD, after the latest incident, in a string of Public Safety complaints by students. The events were also highlighted by localmediaoutlets and The Argus, the Wesleyan University paper.

According to, Eyewitness News 3, “ the wife of one of the officers saw the videos and after confronting him, she decided to turn him in.” The Public Safety officers, in question, used a smartphone to record the student; they will likely, face charges of Voyeurism. There is still no word on other charges they might face.

Students, at schools across the country, should be wary of incidents similar to this. What is most troubling about this incident, is that, it comes from a group whom many of us look to for guidance and assistance. Yes, we often make fun of our local P-safe officers, complaining that they are “guard dogs” for the school administration; sent out to ruin harmless fun or break up house parties. Yet each Weekend of the college semester, a countless number of students put their lives and safety in P-safe’s hands. It becomes more difficult to believe, in the sturdiness of those hands, if they are busy using them to record us illegally.

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