Are Ramen Noodles Killing College Students?

If you’re a college student, there’s a good chance that you eat ridiculous amounts of Ramen. What’s not to love? It’s cheap, takes almost no time to make, and how can anyone deny the delicious heavily seasoned flavor of some fresh Ramen noodles?  If you’ve ever been suspicious of the piles of salt that goes into your Ramen, then you’ve been ahead of the game!

A new study from South Korea, the country with the largest group of instant noodle consumers in the world, claims that instant noodles may increase an individual’s risk of cardiometabolic syndrome. This can increase the risk of severe cardiovascular disease. Yes, if you eat instant noodles more than two times a week, you are at increased risk of developing cardiometabolic syndrome. 

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What may, or not, be surprising is that it isn’t only the insane amount of salt and saturated fat that puts you at risk; it’s also the container that instant noodles come in! The styrofoam box, that a lot of noodles comes packaged in contains bisphenol A, you’ve probably heard it called BPA, which is known to seriously affect hormonal functions, especially estrogen.

Yes, your ramen noodles are killing you slowly….

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