Relive some 90s glory with Rough Trades’s Empire Records themed party

Empire Records

As if you needed a reason to rock a mohair crop top! Brooklyn’s own record store/performance space is transforming into everyone’s favorite record store! Whether it’s the 90’s ethos of fuck big business or Liv Tyler’s young supple body that gets you going you will have a chance to live it this April on the 8th of the year 2015. The same day the store in the movie celebrates, can you remember why?
Tickets will be available to purchase on February 20th for 42 dollars. The party will have DIY buttons, themed photo booth, free posters and more goodies for you to indulge all your 90s angst in. Rough trade is located in Williamsburg Brooklyn at 64 N 9th St. Be there or be, well, lame, duh!