Will Your Favorite Bar Soon Have Robot Bartenders? | #Drinking


As part of Bay Area Science Week, patrons gathered to witness the greatest cocktail robotics inventions offered. The event was hosted at SF Oddfellows Hall in downtown San Francisco. BarBot 2013.75, as the event was named, was part of a two-night exhibition which displays the future feasability of robot bartenders.

I’m all for anything that cuts down on the time between, ordering my drink and enjoying my beverage. So, maybe a having a robot bartender around, is not, such a bad idea. I would definitely employ one at parties! Check out a few of the coolest versions of the robot bartenders, and the companies that make them!

Robot bartender, San Francisco, Bay Area Science Week

Name: Outta Time

How It Works: A robotic arm gathers several ingredients from eight tanks. Each tank lights up as ingredients from each is poured. You can select your drinks by flipping switches on a controller corresponding to different recipes.

Mai Tai Bot 6, Robot Bartender


Name: Mai Tai Bot 6

How It Works: This robot crafts your drink by employing a rotating dial on the front that hits switches to pour ingredients. The robot bartender then shakes the cocktail and pours the finished drink through a cooling tube into a glass beneath the totem’s tongue.

Thin Bot 1.5, robot bartender

Name: Thin Bot 1.5 by Drinks Advanced Research Projects Agency

HowItWorks:Makes about 15 drinks by using various ingredients and tubes. Thin Bot 1.5 offers custom-made drinks, plus, it can choose a drink at random, for those of you whole like to order off-menu.

Bartendro 1, robot bartender


Name: Bartendro 15 by Party Robotics

How It Works: Populates a drink menu on a browser, based on the ingredients it has. Maxes out at 15 bottles of booze or mixers. If and when, it runs out of an ingredient, it deletes those drinks from the available menu options.

500 SW, robot bartender


Name: 500 SW aka “It’s 5-o-clock somewhere”

How It Works: Dance monkey! Seriously, it’s like DDR for drinking. You are required to dance for your drink. Based on this, the computer decides what drink you’ll get by using a secret algorithm. This robot blasts party music and you must freestyle dance on a floor pad. The machine judges the quality of your dance moves on a scale from “Terrible” to “Awesome” and pours a drink to match. Dancers deemed “terrible” recieve a screwdriver (orange juice/vodka).

Schrodinger's Martini, robot bartender


Name: Shroedinger’s Martini

How It Works: The box holds a uranium-containing cocktail glass filled with cold gin. The glass then sits atop a Geiger counter. After a few seconds of the box being closed, either more gin or more vermouth is mixed into the drink; this all depends on whether the Geiger counter measured an even or odd number of clicks. There’s no way to tell whether you just got a dry martini, or a wet one! Well, until you drink it.

brandy's Bar, robot bartender


Name: Brandy’s Bar by Team KISS

How It Works: The panel for this robot bartender looks like it’s actually a microwave oven. The robot crafts cocktails like the Romulan Ale and Slave Girl, which the robot pumps from a cooler into your glass.

Elixirator1Name: Dr. Hadacoff’s Elixirator

How It Works: For the less tech-saavy drinker, the Elixirator pours any of ten shots or cocktails selected by repeatedly pressing a button on the front. According to the website information, “The various items on the sides serve no purpose except to give the illusion of advanced technology.”



Name: Drink Making Unit 2.1 from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

How It Works: This robot bartender operates like an smaller version of ‘MouseTrap’. You can create a cocktail by selecting different quantities of mixers via controller. The machine holds the mixers in flasks, before pumping them into graduated cylinders that tipped over once the cylinder becomes full.

SantaBarBot5Name: Santa BarBot from Spirited Robotics

How It Works: This robot sucks up liquids from the bottles conataining ingredients. The machine then squirts them into a central cup. I’d be willing to bet that, more than, a few people took a direct drink from the nozzle…later on in the night of course.