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Rollins College Tars

Rollins College

Winter Park, FL

Rollins College has a really good social life, but much of it depends on what your looking for. There are many local bars and nightlife activties located, only, a very short distance from the campus. The social life is SO good that for some students it may become a source of trouble in their academic life. In the past couple years the school has increased campus security and the consequences for excessive drinking. The relationship between students and the police presence has become so bad that many many students have been arrested both on and off campus. The police in the neighborhood are very hard on the students, due to this, off-campus social events are more difficult to enjoy. The sports teams at Rollins College are very good, but they compete at the Division II level. Not that it’s easy.

Mascot: Tars

Party Grade: A-

Undergrads: 2,622

Guys: 47%

Girls: 53%

Rollins College Greek Life: Yes, the Greek letter organizations play a huge role in the party scene, despite the size of the school.

Bars/Hangouts at Rollins College:

Devaney’s Sports Pub

Winter Park Saloon

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