Roosevelt H.S. Principal Caught Plagiarizing Yearbook Message, Forgets to Change School Name / Class Year

The principal of Roosevelt High School, Dr. Steven Strachan, was caught leaving a plagiarized message for this year’s graduating class. The words that he used in his message were originally written by a principal in Albany, California.

How did he get caught? The same way most of us did in high school — he forgot to change the end of the message, so the words in Roosevelt’s yearbook still read “Congratulations to the Albany High School Class of 2013!” 

Principal, Roosevelt High School, Yearbook, Message

Dr. Strachan said that an unedited draft of his remarks were accidentally published, instead of the final version. You know…the one where he fully changed the sign-off, so that you’d never be able to tell that he “borrowed” his words.  The yearbooks were collected and are being reprinted. They will be handed out later this week. Weird, don’t students get in a lot more trouble than that when THEY’re the one’s caught cheating?

His students agree that it was a pretty lame move, “That’s embarrassing…To use another person’s words when you could have taken five, ten minutes out of your time to write a nice letter to us,” said senior Jordan David.


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