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Rutgers University

New Brunswick, New Jersey

Rutgers University is definitely known for its nightlife, as drinking is a huge component of student culture. There is always an abundance of options forstudentstochoose from. Most of the house parties are near campus, and even for ones that are further away; students shouldn’t have a hard time reaching them the university’s late night bus system makes it possible to attend. The majority of bars/clubs, along with frat parties, are located near the College Avenue campus. Being that bars/clubs are strictly 21+, students don’t really have
a reason to try and access them because of the abundance of houseparties. The only downside to the party scene is that guys who are not affiliated with Greek Life, particularly freshman, must fulfill the “Rutgers Ratio”. This can be achieved by recruiting as many women as possible to show up at a doorstep, and in some instances, are also subjected to paying at least $5 to get in. Girls, on the other hand, will never have a problem getting into a party, as it will always be free! Since the discontinuation of the infamous RutgersFest in 2011, students have tried to make up for their loss by hosting an informal block party called Delafest. Delafest is essentially one huge block party that takes place in the spring where students party on the streets and cause substantial commotion. It’s still to be determined if Delafest comes back again in Spring 2014. Football and Women’s Basketball are the two best sports teams at Rutgers University, which is probably attributed to the expertise of their successful, highly paid coaches. Although not as successful, men’s basketball also receives sufficient attention and does relatively well.

Mascot: Scarlet Knight

Party Grade: A-

Undergrads: 45,000

Guys (%): 47%

Girls (%): 53%

Rutgers University Greek Life : Yes, frat parties are the most popular during one’s freshman year, but many lose interest in attending them as the years go on and people formulate their own group of friends

Bars/Hangouts at Rutgers University:

Olde Queen’s

Scarlet Pub

Golden Rail

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