SableAlexis’s Stunning Voice will Takeover R&B | Rare Talent

SableAlexis Sable Nerrette Singer talentMulti-genre artist
SableAlexis is about as new as a debut artist can be. How new? She just recently released her new single “Promise” produced by Cool T on Soundcloud and a preview of her “Promise” video on Youtube .

SableAlexis has been singing since she was 5 years old. SableAlexis said,“While growing up, I use to believe that my lyrical content only could be produced through negative circumstances. When I was talked about or ignored by someone I really liked words seem to overload my head until I released them unto notebook paper. I wrote poetry, songs and sometimes raps, she states.”</em>

As time passed, it was brought to her attention that she had awaken something “unrecognizable”. SableAlexis continued to say,“I say unrecognizable because to others they saw a gift but I saw words of struggle.”

Born in Tampa, Florida however raised in Chicago, IL shes promptly learned to adapt to her new environment. SableAlexis channeled her frustrations and discomfort, which created an intricate sound of music and poetry. Her talent of channeling the right amount of positive traits and negative experiences helped create the “perfect storm”. Her style emulates the sounds of the 90’s and jazz era. Her sassy voice seduces your ears and then continues to acts as a puppeteer does; controlling your mouth to sing along to her music.

SableAlexis is a recent graduate from Syracuse University with her Bachelor of Sciences. After graduation, she accepted a fellowship at North Lawndale College Prep High School as the Writing Center Director and Teacher. During her first year as the Writing Center Director, she suggested and implemented a culture and atmosphere of writing. Her main goal was to persuade inner city students who lacked the resources that would promote their academic growth. She wanted to instill the value that writing was a necessity , it was popular and it was “cool” to understand the values of writing. Her position allowed her to improve her own writing styles and explore various styles of writing. This was when she began to consciously think about pursuing her music and poetry career on a larger scale.

SableAlexis’s fan base is growing at an alarming rate. She will be the next big thing soon. You heard it from the Fiesta Frog first!

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