Are You Safe When Your Partying?

Every party animal is aware that the bar or house party scene varies from city to city. This is an important fact to take into account regarding your safety when you are out and about. Christmas break (or any break from school) is a time when students go home and reunite with their old buddies and proceed to drink way too much- which is always a great time, don’t get me wrong. However, the dangers of someone putting something in your drink (among other things) may be different than that of your little college town. It’s a good idea to exercise extra caution when accepting beverages from someone you don’t know.

Also, never turn your back on your glass because it only takes a few seconds for someone to toss a substance in. We grew up hearing this repeatedly, but it still happens way too often. Another good way to avoid this danger is to have your friend’s backs when they get drunk and lose control. I recently had a friend scold me at the bar because I set my drink down and walked away for a brief period. She reminded me of the dangers and said she watched my drink but to be more careful in case she isn’t there next time. This simple act really hit me when I thought about what could have happened if she wouldn’t have been there.

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The individuals in various areas of the country behave differently as well. Men have this issue more often than women, but bar fights can end up a bit more serious than a few punches depending on your location. Think before you start running your mouth because you never know if the person you’re speaking to is on his or her last nerve. There are many cases of people getting into minor tussles in the bar, then have a surprise ass kicking waiting for them outside on the curb. These situations can and have ended in death on a regular basis. Don’t let a fun drunken night end in the hospital because you couldn’t keep your ego under control. Let’s be honest- no ladies want to bang the “badass” bar fighters anyway!

Partying is fun,but your safety is a priority. Use your head when you’re on the battlefield and you’ll save yourself a lot of problems.