Why Did Shaquille O’Neal Sell His 3,904 Sq. Ft House for $10?

shaq, mansion, sell, haitian, ten bucks, $10 This is a strange story that either reeks of blackmail, or is close to the most charitable thing a professional athlete has ever done in my lifetime. According to TMZ, “Shaq recently sold a 3,904 square foot home near Orlando, FL to a man named Yves Paul Demesmin for a cool TEN DOLLARS.” Yes, Shaq (former Lakers star and current NBA analyst) sold a mansion for $10! But why would he do that? Unfortunately, no one knows. Shaq has yet to respond to anyone’s request for comments on the sale/deed transfer, or the reasons behind it. My guess? The house got old. After all he did buy it in 2012 for $235,000…but that’s nothing in NBA superstar money!  

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