Shoe Giant Nine West Wants to Sell Women “Husband Hunting” Shoes

No that doesn’t mean shoes to kill your husband in, Betty Friedan must be rolling over in her grave.

In what is nothing short of a horrifying ad  shoe Giant Nine West offers tries to sell you shoes to catch a man in.  The Washington Post reports that the company debuted two collections August first one being named Starter Husband Hunting…Shoe on the Prowl?

Not only is it an antiquated idea that a woman needs to catch a man the add implies that woman don’t buy shoes for themselves.  Ummm Nine West-WOMAN BUY SHOES FOR THEMSELVES HAPPILY AND OFTEN.  The idea that you would infer on any level that the often made fun of pleasure of shoe shopping was not for most of us a tiny act of indulgent feminism then I worry you don’t even understand your customer at all. (Have you seen an episode of Sex in the City?) This angers me so I cannot even write another word but leave you with a famous song by Nancy Sinatra