Show Palace NYC – The premiere 18+ All Nude Strip Club in New York City

If you are in New York City and looking for a GREAT time, you need to check out the newest fun spot in the area. It is a different kind of fun oriented strip club called Show Palace located on 42-50 21st street, Long Island City, NY . This new strip club is creating a lot of hype in NYC because of what it brings to the area and to the younger party loving crowd. For starters, it is an 18+ AND it features all nude strippers! This atmosphere is sure to make sure the night is great. Show Palace is the first of it’s kind in NYC for people ages 18-21. You might be shocked at what you find at this crazy venue when you step in through those doors.

You can party hard at many places in NYC, but the strip club is always where the real party is at. Just think about it for a second! When you enter the strip club, there are hot strippers dancing naked everywhere while the music is bumping and the mood is set. Also, do not think that only men come to these establishments because women come all the time. Everyone that showsupat Show Palace is ready to have the times of their lives.

When you are in NYC, make sure you stop by Show Palace. Take time to view the twerk contest with a side of hookah or chill out while playing some lap dance poker. If you are a “lady,” you can strip down and show everyone “what yo momma gave you” to win $500 every Friday. This is a strip club is a prime venue for the college students and “is an amazing venue that works well for bachelor/divorce or birthday parties as well as the perfect place to bring clients to close deals and entertain”. Did I mention they have good food?


Take Fiesta Frog’s word for it and go check out Show Palace.