Shrooms: A Guide To Trippingon Shrooms For Newbs


Shrooms, mushies, psillies, caps. No matter what they’re called, everyone knows what you’re talking about when you mention that certain mushroom. With the proper dosage and care, you will trip balls anywhere from 4-8 hours. In the midst of tripping balls, you will most likely make some life altering, self actualizing realizations that may knock you down on your butt or smack you with humility. You can also go crazy…not so great. Either way, college students into transcendental living and learning are often compelled to try these ethereal fungi at least once in their lifetime. The following steps are suggestions for having a safer trip.

The first part of tripping on shrooms is acquiring them. That’s the tricky part. **Magic mushrooms, along with heroin and crack, is a Class A drug that can land your ass in jail for up to 7 years!** If you get caught, you get a ticket to the county jail. Moral of the story, discretion is key: get your shrooms on the DL or don’t get them at all.

Second step, the gathering of homies. Pick your favorite people to be around. It could be a spontaneous group of really chill people, or it could be your soul mate. Avoid paranoid, worrisome people. And if anyone in the group who isn’t tripping fucks with you remind yourself to punch them in the mouth when you’ve come down. Your mind is in a strange, vulnerable place and no one should try to scare you or bother you on purpose.

Fiesta Frog Shrooms

The third step is to get somewhere safe and familiar. At some point your mind may break with reality, it is good to be in a place that is familiar, someplace your mind can process and recognize as “real.” It’s hard to recognize things when visual stimulus is attacking you from left and right like a constant beating drum. It’s like being caught in the middle of a waterfall, except you can’t hear it, see it or feel the wetness, but you can feel the pressure of it on every inch of your body.

Furthermore, be spontaneous, have music, and bring weed! When you have too much of an expectation of the trip in your mind, any deviation from that plan might cause you to go to a bad place. Music is important to have, just like it is important to be in a place that is familiar. Music that you love brings you back to reality just a little so you don’t panic.

And finally, WEED. If you’re a habitual pot smoker, weed will be the best thing to have because you’ll feel normal for a few moments enough to relax.

Psychedelics are fun when done in moderation and with a fun group of people. They are something that should never be abused, and if you truly believe that you are incapable of altering your mind beyond liquor, this is not for you. Happy tripping!