Sonny “SKRILLEX” Moore Conquers Syracuse University ! | Freshman Chronicles

Last night, I ditched my Performance Live lab to head over to the New York State Fairgrounds. Performing that night: Sonny Moore, but most of you probably recognize him as Skrillex, a club DJ that’s been making the walls of venues shake with ungodly amounts of bass. I’ve been a fan for a little over a year now, but I’ve actually been listening to him way before the Skrillex persona took over. In the early 2000’s, Sonny Moore used to be the front man of a screamo band called From First To Last, and he was a huge icon inthemusic scene for having such intense vocals. As he pursued his solo career, he caught on to the latest craze of dubstep and adapted to become Skrillex. His first release, “My Name Is Skrillex,” was up for free download in summer of 2010, and since that release, his music can be heard all over.

I’m an avid concert goer, but I’ve mostly gone to shows featuring pop-punk or hardcore. Although Avicii at Juice Jam was an amazing time, I can safely say that Skrillex was my first official live DJ concert. I arrived at the Fairgrounds about halfway through one of theopening acts, 12th Planet. I was already pretty pumped up just to be in the venue (I’d had my ticket since August!), but I wasn’t too crazy about his set – the transitions weren’t as smooth as I’d like them to be, which made dancing slightly awkward at times. Once Skrillex took the stage, the place went NUTS. His light show wasn’t so much aesthetically pleasing as it was illusionary, but by far the coolest part was the character in the light board behind him. Skrillex himself was hooked up to some sort of motion suit which made the character copy his movements identically. I can’t even explain how much fun I had just getting dolled up with my best friends and dancing until my legs felt like Jello. Once his set ended, my friends and I waited for a cab and ended up talking to some guys that my friend knew from classes. After a much-needed stop at Kimmel for some late night snacks, I headed back to my dorm. I know some kids were mocking us for going to a dubstep concert on a Tuesday night, but who cares? Was Tiesto not on a week night as well? I might be sore as all hell but it was 100% worth it. You can check out some awesome footage of his last few months of touring in the video below.

Lastly, a few words of advice for freshman who aren’t used to weeknight concerts:

  • Before you buy your ticket, know what your schedule will be for the next day. Make sure you don’t have a test or quiz that you can’t make up if you miss it – I can promise you that you will NOT do well if you’re out super late the night before.
  • When you go, make sure you organize your transportation. My friends and I took a cab from our dorm to the venue and, while waiting to enter the concert, called to arrange a cab to pick us up once the show ended. It’s a huge convenience to know that your cab is already on its way and you won’t have to wait an extra half hour when all you wanna do is go home.
  • Plan ahead for when you get back from the show! Before I left, I laid out all my shower stuff, made sure I had some aspirin handy, and even had my backpack packed for my classes tomorrow. It will make your morning a hell of a lot easier!
  • Are you going to drink? Put a few bottles of water in the fridge in case you get hungover [and drink plenty of water throughout your night]. Emergen-C is a quick and easy hangover cure as well!
  • DON’T BE OBNOXIOUS WHEN YOU COME BACK TO YOUR DORM. I got back around 1:30-2 am from Kimmel, but I made sure that we were all quiet walking back to our room. There’s no reason for you to be THAT bitch who wakes everyone up – you can tell them all about the concert tomorrow, anyway.

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