A Player’s Guide To Slap Cup

If you are feeling thirsty and are accompanied by a group of friends, we suggest that you play a drinking game called Slap Cup. What is comfortably called “slap-a-hoe” in some regions, Slap Cup, is fairly easy to play and does not require the player possess considerable hand-eye coordination. Of course your hand-eye coordination significantly deteriorates as the consumption of alcohol increases. With that said, a player should enter the game with caution, or rather with the determination to get plastered since the game calls for rapid beer drinking. Slap Cup is an intense game that will keep all players fixated onits progression mainly because there is no designated order in which a player makes their attempt. This game tends to get people drunk very fast, especially if you’re a player who is being targeted by conspiring players whose only mission is to get you shit faced.

This drinking game calls for four basic materials in which all should be available at any given party. If they are not then you should reevaluate the types of parties you attend. What is needed are:

Two 40mm Ping-Pong balls

Twenty-four 16oz cups

Six beers, but keep a rack for the refills!

A table in which balls can bounce cleanly.

Now that you’re ready to play, here’s how you do it! The cups are placed in the middle of the table in a circular fashion. With only five beers, one must distribute them evenly between twenty-three cups. The twenty-fourth cup is completely filled with the last remaining beer and is placed in the center of the grouped cups. Leave two cups unfilled because those are the cups you will be using to play the game with.


The game is starts with two players (preferably on opposite sides of the table) bouncing their ball into the empty cup they are given.

If a player bounces their ball into the cup on their first attempt they may pass the cup and ball to anyone they choose.

If the player does not make the ball into the cup on their first bounce they must pass their cup and ball to the person standing to their right (or left, depending on whether your party decides to pass clockwise or counter-clockwise).

You drink when Player B is bouncing his ball into his cup while Player A, to his left, is also involved in the same process.

During this time if Player A makes the ball into his cup before Player B does Player A has been granted the ability to slap the cup Player B was trying to score on.

Player B picks up a cup from the middle of the table and starts to drink it (be careful not to pick up the cup which is filled with the sixth beer, because that cup is reserved to be the last cup consumed). While Player B is drinking, however, the cup and ball of Player A have already been passed to the player to the right of Player B, Player C, giving Player C the green light to shoot as soon as she receives the cup and ball.

Once Player B has completely drunk the beer inside the cup, he will now begin to shoot in that cup since the one he was previously using is on the ground somewhere. What was unbeknownst to Player B this whole time however was that Player C had made her shot on her first attempt and she passed her cup back to Player A. Miraculously Player A made his shot even before Player B began to start bouncing the ball, so his cup was immediately slapped as soon as it hit the table. Player B now must drink again.

You can see how this game is could potentially make or break your night. This is the one of the most fun games to play with a group of people. Everyone will have fun and more importantly everyone has a great chance of getting drunk. It is one of the most immersive drinking games created and is recommended by many. Remember to drink responsibly! ;).