How Social Media & Night Life Interact

With the advent of Social Media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, users have gained the ability to express themselves on a wide range of topics. Whathouse party began as making a close knit group aware of the occasional moment of frustration or jubilation has evolved into the ability to update people all over the world to every fleeting thought. While we may have a more “connected” world, in terms of the speed at which we can transmit information from one place to another, we are losing our real-world connectivity. Every person whom engages in the various uses of social media has a simple goal; to be social. How ‘social” an individual is cannot be measured solely based on the amount of time they spend online talking to people. We all enjoy going out with our friends and having a good time, but sometimes the people we regularly go out with are unavailable for one reason or another. When this happens we often find ourselves pigeonholed into staying home when we would rather be out cutting loose. What is needed is a website which encourages its’ users to turn online activity into real world social interaction. is one such site which aims to do this. This site helps users by allowing them to spread information about night life to their friends. Users are afforded the tools to engage in a healthy social life from finding out about the local college parties, alerting your friends to bar specials they may enjoy, and allows bands/artist being able to send out concert dates and locations to various fans with very little effort. The focus of the site is not to keep users glued to the screen; it is to help users who wish become a part of their local night life scenes.
Anyone who attended college out of state or had to move away from their childhood environment for a new job knows how difficult it can be to investigate the night life in a new area. Whether you are a teacher going out for drinks with co-workers, a college student who does not have classes on specific days, or an average Jane/Joe looking to go out and interact with people has something for you. The location based search feature allows users to find out the local night life spots, concerts, and bar specials going on close by. No longer will users be stuck at home bored at the whims of their social groups when all they want to do is get out on a dance floor, or listen to some good music.