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SIU southern illinois university

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Carbondale, IL

The party scene at Southern Illinois University at Cabondale can be called “pretty good”, due to its’ well rounded bar scene and the housepartiesthrownby students. Most of the bars that students go to are located on the same strip, or they are just a few blocks away from campus. The best part bout the bars here? 19 to enter! You don’t get many freshman sneaking into these bars,but
you are guaranteed to see people that you know from class. For those of you who don’t enjoy the bar-hopping lifestyle, SIUC often has large parties on selectweekendsduring both semesters. Two of the biggest parties at SIU are Unofficial Halloween in the Fall and Polar Bear in the Spring. A great way to have fun at SIUC is to join the other students, and fans, who are tailgating prior to Football games. The Salukis were never considred a
powerhouse team, but they’ve come a long way from being a laughingstock for a while. Talent-wise, the Football team has produced the likes of RB Brandon Jacobs, LB Bart Scott, RB Jewel Hampton in the last five years. This has helped the team greatly improve. The rise in school spirit, has lead to more consumed spirits at tailgating events…simple math really.

Mascot: Salukis

Party Grade: B-

Enrollment: 15,000

Guys: 56%

Girls: 44%

: Yes, but it’s not that big at SIUC. This is a blue collar school , and some of the students take pride in being separate from the Greek system.

Bars/Hangouts at SIUC:

Penny Pinch

Pub Hangar 9

The Crown Jewel

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