Southern Illinois University Students Arrested In $140 Kidnapping & Robbery

I swear, people are STUPID.

Two students at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville have been arrested in connection with, maybe the dumbest, armed robbery and kidnapping EVER.

Jabreel Watson, 18, and Shantel Rogers, 20, were arrested after police executed a search warrant to search their dorm rooms. They found the victim’s stolen items still inside Watson’s dorm room.

Great place to stash your take! They’ll never check your dorm room…

According to the FOX News affiliate in St. Lous,  the “victim was leaving his dorm to pick up his friend. Police say the ring leader of this abduction/robbery was the friend he was going to pick up.

So, not only did this guy ask for a favor from a friend but then he turns around and set’s him up to be robbed! 

As the victim  left his dorm last Wednesday night, a masked gunman forced him into a car. Driven by Rogers and a third, still unidentified suspect, who were both wearing white masks. They drove around for a few hours, asking him questions while he was blindfolded. Before they released him, they drove him to an on-campus ATM and forced him to withdraw $140.

I wonder what questions they asked him, probaby “Do you recognize my voice?” But really, $140? You didn’t even max out the transaction? Split three ways that’s not even an eighth. 

The thirrd suspect, a white male has not been named.