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smu party

Southern Methodist University

University Park, TX

If you like Greek life, then you’ll love SMU, the social scene on-campus is run by the Greeks. Get ready for a lot of formals and bus parties, a goodportionofwhich, your non-Greek self won’t be invited to. You can still have a good time being a non-Greek, just make some like-minded friends and have parties of your own. Granted, you wont have the same connections. If you aren’t a big fan of that, it’s not really a problem because you’re really only about five minutes away from downtown Dallas! The girls at SMU are verygoodlooking and alwaysdressedto match. The Basketball team is decent, and the football squad has never been the same since all the sanctions.

Mascot: Peruna

Party Grade: B+

Undergrads: 7,000

Guys: 47%

Girls: 53%

SMU Greek Life: Yes, Greek life is present and runs most of the social scene.

Bars/Hangouts at SMU:

Concrete Cowboy

Idle Rich

The Travis


Beauty Bar

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