Top 5 Sports that Help You Lose Weight For The Summer

No one likes working out; except for the people who like going through painstaking measures to look like Greek gods. Most of us don’t like working out but realize that we must perform some type of physical act in order to stay healthy and in shape.

You tried the treadmill but you don’t have the attention span to run in place for more than 3 minutes and 47 seconds— you’ve counted (multiple times). You have also attempted to do group fitness sessions but the impressive physiques of the post-pregnant mothers make you feel insecure (and fat). You can manage pumping iron regularly but you despise the sweaty, musty odor of the weight room.

It would appear that you have exhausted your fitness options. But because you’re a lazy schmuck, I’m sure you didn’t consider sports as an option. It isn’t as sin to enjoy your workout; in fact, if you enjoy your workout you may be prone to do it more often (makes sense, right?).

You’re too lazy to shut your computer off at night, so I’ve compiled a list of a few summer sports to help you stay in shape.

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Basketball: What sport looks cooler than shooting hoops? Although if your completely un-athletic or uncoordinated, you will not be scoring any chicks if you make a couple shots. Not only will you get a great cardio work out from the nearly continuous running, but you will also exercise your arms (passing) and legs (jumping). Just make sure to stay within your basketball talent range because some people take hoops extremely serious.


Flag Football: Or tackle for that matter. I prefer tackle football but no one has pads and equipment readily available so go with flag football. All you need are some flags and a football. The game of pigskin is simple enough for most people to pick up pretty quickly. the amount of sharp cuts and long distance running make this sport good for agility and speed. However, if you you’re going to play shirts vs. skins, make sure to get on the shirt team if your man-boobs are too big.

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Tennis: The game of kings is less of a traditional summer sport but it is still a fun way to get fit. It wouldn’t be as fun to just pick the game up because most people work on their basic forehand shot for a minimum of six months—summer lasts about three. If you are familiar with the game or don’t mind learning it, the back and forth play of tennis replicates the work and rest methodology of a workout routine well.

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Soccer: Americans don’t really like soccer that much, but that doesn’t make it any less of a great cardio workout. This game may be a little boring compared to the hyperaction of more mainstream American sports, but your lungs will love/hate you for it. Running is the main aspect of this sport and if you hate using the old wheels, then you’ll loathe soccer. But it’s still a better option than that sweaty weight room.

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Beach Volleyball: Fellas, I saved the best for last. Sexy, toned women love to play volley ball on the beach. Why not? It combines a sport that women dominate in with the location most women would rather be in the summertime. Of all the sports listed, this is the one that you would play co-ed most of the time. Beach volleyball is a great way to meet chicks and to have fun while exercising.