Stratford Palooza: Students Protest as Police Break Up Party

It looks like it’s gonna be a busy Spring for police officer that work near college campuses. On Saturday, police offiers in Ohio donned full riot gear to break up a party of nearly 500 University of Cincinnati students. The party was called “Stratford Palooza”…the name needs work.

Around Midnight, campus police were summoned to Stratford Avenue, break up the party. The officers were needed after “several smaller parties merged into one.” Officers claim that students pelted their cars with bottles, and broke a mirror on one cruiser. Only three people were arrested, according to police reports.

Cincinnati police officers were then called in and 20 officers dressed in riot gear disperse the rest of the crowd.

If you wanna see more photos from the event check out #Stratfordpalooza on Twitter.

Of course, someone got in a riot selfie…