Four University of Utah Students Caught Smoking Marijuana In An Igloo

“Instead of working on your paper, how about we build an igloo and then smoke weed in it?”, is probably the sentence that led to four University of Utah students caught smoking pot in an igloo. The students are facing possible discipline from campus officials.

According to reports, “their well-camouflaged hideaway” had been discovered when a campus security guard passed through the woods between campus housing and Research Park. Sgt. Garth Smith stated that the igloo was about “5 feet tall and had walls of snow about 10 inches thick.” He says the students had either constructed it themselves or found it abandoned.

Smith says the guard passing through the area heard voices and smelled pot before finding the four men inside. One of the students was cited for marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. All were referred to campus officials. Smith says the igloo itself was destroyed with a sledgehammer.

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