SUNY Brockport “Dog Kegstand” Students Plead Not Guilty

Remember the two SUNYBrockport students that were arrested after a picture of a dog doing a keg stand went viral? They’ve plead “Not Guilty” to the charges. The picture, shows a dog upside down over a beer keg with one guy holding the dog’s legs…like it’s doing a keg-stand. It was never clear if the dog was forced to drink beer.

Police say that Shane Oliver is the student holding the dog, and he’s charged with torturing an animal. The other student, holding the keg hose in the photo, is Robert Yates who was also arrested. Both were in court Wednesday to plead not guilty to these charges.

Personally, I agree with pleading not guilty. Was the dog drinking beer? I dunno. Can anyone prove that the dog was actually drinking? Don’t think so. As Denzel Washington taught us in training day, “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove!”

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