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SUNY Oswego party schools review

SUNY at Oswego

Oswego, NY

At SUNY Oswego most parties will end up at some sort of frat or sorority house, but pre-games are always at someone’s dorm or apartment. Students say that SAE, DKK, GAMMA,andSIGTAU are the best places to party. Pay the $5 entrance fee, and you are in! As a known party school, Oswego has so much to offer (check out the Bridge Street Run video below). There are also some crazy places to go if you are 21 and over. Places like Alley Cat and Bridge Street Run has cover fees, but are one of the best Oswego hastooffer. What sets apart SUNY Oswego from other schools, in athletics, is their excellent Hockey team, winning a Division III championship in 2007. Basketball is a close second, but not enough to spark any real interest. Intramural sports are awesome in Oswego. Broomball, Floor Hockey, Volleyball and Soccer are among what most students play during their free time.

Mascot:The Snowbeast called Lakers

Party Grade: B

Undergrads: 7,362

Guys: 49%

Girls: 51%

Greek Life at SUNY Oswego

The campus openly accepts greek organizations into the college, but there are some limitations in the party department than other schools in the country. Most students would argue that SUNY Oswego has a mild greek scene, but they are very friendly and open to all students.

Bars/Hangouts at SUNY Oswego:

There are many places to eat in SUNY Oswego. The fast food chains are always a good spot to eat while classes are over. Local chains like Fajita Grill are among the best mexican restaurant, overshadowing the likes of Taco Bell and Chipotle. Pizza shops like Enzo’s and Cam’s are also popular among the students.

Alley Cat

Let us know what you think about SUNY Oswego’s party scene in the comments section. Check out the video below to see last year’s Bridge Street Run!

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